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Minimum is always the smallest possible or allowable amount. Minimal implies that the amount is relatively small. There" was minimal residue in the wine bottle" compared with other wines, this one didn't' throw much sediment. You" must leave a minimum sum of 50.oo in the account.
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Spelling Book Confusing words index minimum vs. The least quantity or lowest amount. barely adequate or least possible. a minimal charge for the service. Back to Confusing words index. Get it now. Phrase of The Day. Ginger for Business. Ginger for Schools EDU.
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Minimal effect means it has a very slight effect or the smallest effect. In most cases where minimum is used as an adjective, it is part of a noun phrase, such as minimum speed, or minimum wage or minimum age.
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Word Definitions, Terminology, and Jargon. What's' the difference between minimum and minimal or are they synonyms? Nithila Arivazhagan, English geek. Answered 132w ago Author has 56 answers and 164.7k answer views. Both words have a similar meaning, however usage depends upon the noun being described.
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minimal smallest, least, 1660s; see minimum. Example Sentences for minimal. It is a case where the" minimal dose" is wholly inoperative. It can be done peacefully, by consent or with the use of minimal force. It was rather what Jones4 has called a successful minimal adaptation.
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Therefore, minimal is a qualitative characteristic, which contradicts the quantitative nature of math. To conclude, I admit that minimal can in some instances be synonymous with minimum; however if you consider the dilemma people will encounter is minimal qualitative or quantitative, you'll' understand why minimum only quantitative better represents mathematics.
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Minimal also means the least amount possible, the smallest possible amount required, recorded or attainable. However, minimal may also mean a small or negligible amount, not necessarily the very least amount possible. This means that the word minimal may often be substituted for the word minimum, but the reverse is not always true.
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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Minimal or Minimum Which word should I use here? up vote 4 down vote favorite. The sentence is, What are the minimal/minimum" needs of your life? Which word would be grammatically right and overall appropriate?

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