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Minimal or Minimum Which word should I use here? English Language Learners Stack Exchange.
Your use of Stack Overflows Products and Services, including the Stack Overflow Network, is subject to these policies and terms. English Language Learners. Minimal or Minimum Which word should I use here? up vote 4 down vote favorite. The sentence is, What are the minimal/minimum" needs of your life?
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Minimum is always the smallest possible or allowable amount. Minimal implies that the amount is relatively small. There" was minimal residue in the wine bottle" compared with other wines, this one didn't' throw much sediment. You" must leave a minimum sum of 50.oo in the account.
minimum vs. minimal The Correct Way to Use Each Confusing Words.
Spelling Book Confusing words index minimum vs. The least quantity or lowest amount. barely adequate or least possible. a minimal charge for the service. Back to Confusing words index. Get it now. Phrase of The Day. Ginger for Business. Ginger for Schools EDU.
Minimal vs. Minimum: Making Small Talk.
Hodges announced the spelling-bee winners with minimal fanfare. Sarah added a minimal amount of sugar to her coffee. the smallest amount possible or acceptable. He is paid the minimum wage. After her parents divorce, the girl had minimum contact with her father.
Minimal And Minimum?
What is the difference between minimal mimimum and when are these words used? Dec 26 2005 140948.: Minimal" is an adjective, and minimum" is a noun. Dec 26 2005 152448.: add a comment. Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
minimal tropical nordic minimalism from minimum. Artboard 4.
the new collection from minimum invites palm-leaves, tropical colours and warmer days into the nordic, minimalistic wardrobe. under the palm trees. whether you are into big palmate or the tiny pinnatisect we got you covered. taking the classical tropical prints and simplifying them to their core design, we have created a distinctly scandinavian take on a summer classic.
word usage What is the difference between minimum" and minimal? English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
To conclude, I admit that minimal can in some instances be synonymous with minimum; however if you consider the dilemma people will encounter is minimal qualitative or quantitative, you'll' understand why minimum only quantitative better represents mathematics. This explains why many have chosen to use minimal angle rather than minimum angle; however, minimum is more technical.
Minimum vs minimal Grammarist.
Minimum may be used as a noun or an adjective, the word comes from the Latin word minimum which means smallest thing. The plural form of minimum may either be minimums or minima, minimums is the most prevalent. Minimal also means the least amount possible, the smallest possible amount required, recorded or attainable.
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