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Collocations: is five feet tall, tall and skinny, thin, is tall with brown hair, blue eyes, more. Discussions du forum dont le titre comprend les mots tall." a smart carozzella with tall red wheels. a tall drink of water. a tall girl.
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See more synonyms on adjective, taller, tallest. having a relatively great height; of more than average stature: a tall woman; tall grass. having stature or height as specified: a man six feet tall. large in amount or degree; considerable: a tall price; Swinging that deal is a tall order. Tall en Small.
Wat toen just for fun was kreeg al snel een heel andere invulling wanneer er een onverwachte storm aan boekingsaanvragen kwam. Dankzij de hulp van de leden van Jeugdhuis Joh werd er gelukkig snel een gepaste naam voor dit sympathieke duo gevonden: Tall" Small" was geboren.
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Example Sentences for tall. That's' it, he said, as he busied himself with a tall glass and the cracked ice. Philothea's' tall figure was a lovely union of majesty and grace. A tall and stalwart esquire, methinks, said Master Headley.
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tall is used especially of people, and of other narrow upright objects: a tall girl, tree, building. high is used of objects that are a long way off the ground, or reach a great height: a high shelf, diving-board, mountain, wall.
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The Oxford English Dictionary notes: The" sense development of tall is remarkable, but is paralleled more or less by that of other adjectives expressing estimation, such as buxom, canny, clean, clever, cunning, deft, elegant, handsome, pretty, proper; German klein, as compared with English clean, presents the antithesis to modern tall as compared to tall in early Middle English.
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Climbing to the top of a tall building, a hill, or a church tower is a great way to get a feel for a place. The area consists of luxuriant growth of tall grasses with scattered growth of deciduous forest trees.

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