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BBC Music A minimal guide to minimalism.
As the name suggests, it involves stripping down music to its bare essentials and beyond to focus on its pure sonic power rather than anything it might evoke or represent. Initially, minimal music was characterised as droney and hypnotic or cold and repetitive to its detractors but the style has proved remarkably durable and popular, frequently infecting the mainstream, with the likes of Reich, Glass, John Adams and Michael Nyman enjoying long careers.
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Does anyone know of any piano music which creates the same kind of sound world? I've' never played any minimalist music before, except for a quick go at Piano Phase once. Minimalism is on my Must find out more, one day list.
Minimal Piano Collection, Volume I-IX, Jeroen van Veen CD8551.
MInimal Piano Collection III, 8 CD. RICHTER, Solo Piano Music, 1 CD. PREISNER, Solo Piano Music, 2 CD. GLASS, Complete Piano Etudes, 2 CD. ADAMS, Piano Music, 1 CD. NIETZSCHE, Piano Music, 1 CD. SATIE, Complete Piano Music, 9 CD.
Minimalistische muziek Wikipedia.
Adams werken waren vaak bestemd voor meer traditionele combinaties van instrumenten: orkest, strijkkwartet en zelfs voor piano solo. Zijn werken zijn veelal veel toegankelijker; zijn werk heeft een minimalistische kern, maar vertoont ook een zeer klassieke wijze van componeren, en een frase in John Adams werk blijft meestal minder lang onveranderd door dezelfde instrumenten gespeeld dan een frase uit een ander minimalistisch stuk. Sommige van John Adams orkestwerken worden maximalistisch" genoemd, maar dat is geen algemeen erkend begrip onder recensenten. Huidige minimal music bewerken.
List of minimalist composers Wikipedia.
Carl Orff, who, particularly in his later theater works Antigonae 194049 and Oedipus der Tyrann 195758, utilized instrumentations six pianos and multiple xylophones, in imitation of gamelan music and musical patterns motoric, repetitive, triadic reminiscent of the later music of Steve Reich and Philip Glass.
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Whilst many find the endlessly shifting repetitions of Reichs music beautifully mesmeric and fascinating, others find it unbearable; Michael Tilson Thomas recalls that midway through the premiere of Reichs Four Organs in 1970 One woman walked down the aisle and repeatedly banged her head on the front of the stage, wailing Stop, stop, I confess. Arvo Pärt, Fratres for Violin and Piano, 1980 Estonian composer Arvo Pärts mystical brand of minimal music has been dubbed Holy Minimalism along with the similarly slow, meditative output of fellow composers John Tavener and Henryk Górecki.
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5, Julia Jeroen van Veen Einaudi: Waves, The Piano Collection. Mad Rush Philip Glass, Jeroen van Veen Glass: Solo Piano Music. The Poet Acts Philip Glass, Jeroen van Veen Minimal Piano Collection. Tabarly Jeroen van Veen Tiersen: Pour" Amélie" Piano Music.

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