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Composers associated with the New York-based Bang on a Can notably David Lang, Julia Wolf, Michael Gordon, and Evan Ziporyn also remain enamored of minimalist approaches yet clearly feel free to explore a host of other contemporary music influences from world music to electronica. On the other side of the Atlantic, Dutch composer Louis Andriessen is seen as a major figure in European minimalism, while also establishing a reputation in the post-minimalist world. Andriessen, who has described his music as avant-garde" minimal music that also dealt with jazz from the twenties, has worked closely with the British new music ensemble Icebreaker, a group that often moves in post-minimalist directions.
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1 Herkomst van de term minimal music. 3 Beschrijving van minimal music. 4 Huidige minimal music. 5 Zie ook. 6 Externe link. Herkomst van de term minimal music bewerken. De term minimal music is afgeleid van het concept minimalisme, dat bekend was uit de schilderkunst en beeldhouwkunst.
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Philip Glass Opera, Classical music, Contemporary classical music. nikita-sukhikh added Arvo Pärt Contemporary classical music, Minimal music. Steve Reich Opera, Chamber music, Contemporary classical music. Terry Riley Classical music, Contemporary classical music, Minimal music. chris-thomas added Henryk Górecki Sacred music, Classical music, Minimal music.
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Tickets Offers Things to Do Restaurants Bars Pubs Film Theatre Art Music Hotels Attractions News Shopping Time Out Escapes Time Out Live Theatre Tickets Nightlife Music festivals Events Festivals Kids Museums Clubs Comedy Classical Music Opera Dance LGBT Travel Area Guides Competitions More. Minimal music: six key composers.
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If you find minimalist music a trifle uneventful, definitely give him a listen. Adams is a good stepping stone between minimalism and the more difficult composers mentioned below. Try listening to his orchestral piece Harmonielehre, which showcases his minimal tendencies in the outer movements contrasted with the bleak central movement The Anfortas Wound which builds to a shattering climax of clashing dissonance.
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Michael Nyman, writing in the preface of Mertens book refers to the style as so" called minimal music" Mertens 1983, 8. The" term minimal music is generally used to describe a style of music that developed in America in the late 1960s and 1970s; and that was initially connected with the composers La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and Philip Glass" Sitsky 2002, 361.
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Other composers whose works have been described as precedents to minimalism include.: Jakob van Domselaer, whose early-20th century experiments in translating the theories of Piet Mondrian s De Stijl movement into music represent an early precedent to minimalist music. Alexander Mosolov, whose orchestral composition Iron Foundry 1923 is made up of mechanical and repetitive patterns.
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Several other answers have included compositions by Steve Reich. My personal favorite, which has yet to be mentioned, is Music for 18 Musicians.: 3.1k Views View Upvoters. Why is minimalist style so popular in house/interior design? What do non-minimalists think about minimalists? Who are the most influential minimalist composers?
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To get you in the mood for Proms at Bold Tendencies featuring several Steve Reich compositions performed Christopher Stark and the Multi-Story Orchestra in the suitably minimalist surroundings of a car park in Peckham, south London here's' a quick guide to minimalism culled from the BBC's' archives. Minimalism is a branch of modern classical music developed in New York in the early 1960s by composers such as Reich, Philip Glass and Terry Riley. As the name suggests, it involves stripping down music to its bare essentials and beyond to focus on its pure sonic power rather than anything it might evoke or represent. Initially, minimal music was characterised as droney and hypnotic or cold and repetitive to its detractors but the style has proved remarkably durable and popular, frequently infecting the mainstream, with the likes of Reich, Glass, John Adams and Michael Nyman enjoying long careers.

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